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Process for the conversion of C02 to hydrocarbons

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  • Green Technology

Location : Dietramszell Germany

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  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom

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We auction on account of liquidation in the name of and for the account of third parties Thursday, 21 November 2019 - 13:00: Premises of the i2 Gesellschaft für Innovation mbH i.L., Arolser Landstr. 27, 34497 Korbach Auction goods: the European Patent EP 2 862 849 81 - 16764-2 Process for the conversion of C02 into hydrocarbons and the European Patent Application EP 3 117 898 A 1 - 16764-1 Preparation of a mixed catalyst Information on patent (1) and patent application (2) 1. The invention (patent EP 2 862 849 81) concerns a process for the production of liquid hydrocarbons from C02. A plant for the application of the process for the conversion of C02 into hydrocarbons is also disclosed. This can reduce CO2 emissions in industry and technology and easily generate hydrocarbons. 2. The patent application (EP 3 117 898 A 1 - 16764-1) describes a device to reduce CO2 emissions in industry and technology and to generate hydrocarbons efficiently. A process is provided for the conversion of CO2 with hydrogen to hydrocarbons. A catalyst comprising a zeolite portion and an Fe catalyst portion comprising iron, copper, Al2O3 and at least one alkali and/or alkaline earth metal is used, the two components of the catalyst being in a physical mixture. In the process according to the invention and a corresponding plant, hydrocarbons can be generated efficiently by reaction of CO2 with hydrogen. Errors excepted, exclusion of third-party rights reserved. The General Conditions of Auction and Sale of Ostermayer & Dr. Gold GbR apply. Visit: In the period from 18.11.2019 to 19.11.2019 o'clock are only by appointment on weekdays 10:00 o'clock to 18:00 o'clock in the business premises of the DEUTSCHE PFANDVERWERTUNG Ostermayer & Dr. Gold GbR, Bierhäuslweg 9, 83623 Dietramszell, Germany, will be available for inspection in a physical data room on the day of the auction two hours before the start of the auction in the auction room the data submitted by the client on the above-mentioned patent and patent application. Registration: Friday, 29.11.2019 from 11:55 a.m. to 12:55 p.m. at the auction venue Security Deposit: At public auctions we are obliged to secure payment. Therefore, a security deposit of an appropriate amount of € 100.00 in cash, by depositing a bank-confirmed cheque or by depositing it on our account, which entitles the bidder to participate in the auction, must be made at the time of registration. The estimate Only persons with full legal capacity or companies or their legal representatives with full legal capacity are entitled to participate in the auction. Premium: The highest bidding buyer will be charged a premium to be paid according to the scale plus 19% VAT on the premium as follows: from 25% plus VAT at a hammer price (purchase price) up to 9,999 € of 20% plus VAT. for a hammer price (purchase price) of 10,000 € to € 30,000 € of 18 % plus VAT for a hammer price (purchase price) of 30,001 € to € 70,000 € of 16 % plus VAT for a hammer price (purchase price) of 70,001 € to € 100.000,- € of 15 % plus VAT at a hammer price (purchase price) of 100.001,- € to 300.000,- € of 10 % plus VAT at a hammer price (purchase price) of 300.001,- € to 600.000,- € of 6 % plus VAT. at a hammer price (purchase price) of 600,001 € to 900,000 € of 3.0 % plus VAT at a hammer price (purchase price) of 900,001 € to 1,500,000 € of 1.5 % plus VAT at a hammer price (purchase price) from 1,500,001 €. The hammer price (except surcharge) is VAT-free. Hints: At public auctions no minimum hammer price will be charged. The risk passes to the bidder with the knockdown. The bidder bears the responsibility and the costs for the transport of the auction goods. Payment: Immediately in Euro, either in cash, by immediate online bank transfer (if necessary, have your reader / PhotoTan app ready), bank transfer by lightning (check with your bank beforehand), LZB cheque or irrevocably bank-confirmed cheque. (We act in a fiduciary capacity and are obliged to ensure immediate payment. Later bank transfers are therefore unfortunately not possible.) Written bids: Written bids will only be accepted with bank confirmation from a German bank up to two days before the auction, 12:00 noon, to the fax number (08027) 908 9932. Please download the form on this page 'download > simply click in the list above left on "Bid form (written bids", then fill on the computer and send it to us by mail or fax. Director of the Auction: F. Eberhard Ostermayer - general, publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer

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