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Auto-regenerating tyre tread

European Inventor Award

Year : 2018

Technical field :

  • Green Technology
  • Performing Operation, Transportation

Location : France

Link :


The two michelin researchers developed auto-regenerating tyre which is more durable than the conventional tyres. These tyres comes with the special layers of tread within the same tyre. The worn out of the outsider layer in the tyre will automatically replaced by new specialised tread inside the tyre to come in contact with road surface. The tyre tread is streamlined for minimal energy depletion and minimizes the rolling contact for the best possible performance. They are admired for its longer lifespan than conventional resulting in little carbon dioxide emission. Being the longest lifespan provider, they provide reliability and ensures safety and performance of the vehicle. This ensures more shortest breaking sentence under wet conditions.

Company Details

Company : Michelin

Website :

Description : Agnes Poulbot is a mathematician and has the mastery in 3-D modelling work. She has the deep research analytical skills which made her realize the idea of moulding tyre from single layer that will eventually prevent accumulation of water in it which can be dangerous for drivers. Jacque Barraud who has worked as a senior expert in tyre design along with Agnes, came up with a special mould to create three layers dimension and enabled production on large scale.


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European Inventor Award

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