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Smart Locker for medicine

Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

Year : 2019

Technical field :

  • Every day Commodities
  • Life Science, Medical
  • Other

Location : South Africa

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Pelebox Smart Locker is a digital dispenser, loaded with routine medicines that dispenses medicines within just 36 seconds. It contains medicines for patients suffering from severe diseases such as HIV, diabetes, and tuberculosis. Dispensing of medicine within such a short time would need patients to collect medicines on a daily basis. This would eventually help them avoid the need to stand in lengthy queues at the pharmacy while freeing the hospital staff and resources to be positioned somewhere else.

The patients that are due to pick up the prescriptions have to use a one-time personal identification number (PIN) sent on their mobile phones before they access their locker for medicines. The smart lockers work under controlled temperatures and work for about 70 to 300 patients.

Company Details

Company : pelebox

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Description : Neo Hutiri is a 31 year old engineer and the inventor of Pelebox Smart Locker. According to Hutiri, the idea to develop something like this locker came from his own experience. In 2014, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and had to go to a clinic every month to get the medicines. In his every visit, he had to wait for a long queue for about three and a half hours. Many patients in the same queue had to skip their work to just collect the medicines. It was due to this reason that he came up with this invention.


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Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

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