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Dear Sir / Madam, For a purely herbal product (capsules) with 4 ingredients I have: · EU patent validated in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and England and · USA patent The product fulfills a previously unmet wish of doctors to slow down the progress of type 2 diabetes mellitus and to achieve a long-lasting control of blood sugar level. Today's oral medications for type 2 diabetes cannot permanently control blood sugar levels. Progress of diabetes requires ever higher doses and combined use of several medications. In the final stage, the combination of oral medications no longer works and insulin injections remain the last treatment option. Lowering blood sugar is an important but only partial therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus, and not enough to ensure long-lasting blood sugar control . According to research publications oxidative stress plays very important role in the development of diabetes type 2. In addition to lowering blood sugar, high oxidative stress found in diabetes type 2 patients must also be treated simultaneously for a sustainable diabetes management, which is lacking presently. There are many herbal products available in the market as food supplements for diabetics but they show initial positive effect due to blood sugar lowering plants added in the formulation containing many plants and minerals, but the product soon lose the efficacy like oral allopathic medicines. There was no antioxidant available so far, that shows reduction of high blood sugar parameters like high HbA1C. Present invention offers the first unique formulation for controlling high oxidative stress in diabetic patients showing uncontrolled diabetes type 2. Our natural product research lab in Brandenburg Germany has succeeded in inventing the first antioxidant, which showed continuous reduction of high HbA1C and other diabetes parameters during 3 months period for a CGP multi-centered clinical study conducted in India. It is noteworthy, that our antioxidant formulation does not contain any blood sugar lowering agent. Nevertheless, add-on therapy of last stage diabetic patients with this product has shown highly significant positive effect on all diabetes parameters (e.g., HbA1C, fasting blood sugar, Postprandial blood sugar and triglyceride), and most customers continued the treatment as long as the product was available in the market. The high efficacy is attributed to the normalization of high oxidative stress in many vital organs like heart, Pancreas and kidney. Detail of mode of action can be provided only in final stage of decision. The composition contains food-ingredients only with GRASS status in US. The efficacy of the product has been demonstrated by a GCP-regulated multi-centered clinical study in India and the study results have been published in a peer-reviewed European journal. Plantabetics (name protected) was registered by us in Germany in 2013 as a "food for special medical purpose" and was sold in EU market until the end of 2019. Main purpose was to observe the effects of the product on the European population. Patients in Germany responded more quickly to the product. Only mouth to mouth propaganda increased the sale continuously. Numerous customers are now complaining because the product is no longer available because an ingredient Emblica officinalis is only marketable in EU as a dietary supplement and considered as novel foods as component of any other product. hence, Berlin food department banned the sale as a "food for special medical purpose in 2020. Thus,7 years of marketing proved that the product has the capability for a long lasting control of blood sugar level. The product can be marketed as a dietary supplement. As a research laboratory, we could not sell the product professionally. Quality control method has been developed and validated to assure high quality in each batch. Hence, I am looking for a company interested in marketing this valuable product to fight the greatest social and economic problem the world is facing. Kindly contact per e-mail and appoint a video-call for further discussion. Best regards, Ms. Dr. Shanta Banerjee Seegefelder Weg 425 13591 Berlin


Dr. Ms. Shanta Banerjee (inventer)



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