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About BluePatent

Global Crafsmanship of Innovation

BluePatent is a project of  Patent Law Firm Stuetz.

With this website we want to strengthen the idea of networking in the field of innovation, technology transfer and the patent system.
Inventors and innovative companies which join the BluePatent community have the option to carry out technology and marketability assessments with the help of the community, or to initiate a technology transfer .

Patentees or investors can determine the value of intellectual property rights by means of the community or to contact patent monetizers .

Patent attorneys and patent searchers examine the patentability of inventions and consultants help in entering a new market .

What would you like to offer to the community or what can we do for you?

Please contact us and learn more about the network 's capabilities .

Example BlueAsset: Drawing from the global knowledge cloud
BluePatent consists of a worldwide network of experts who research facts and information throughout the world. The BluePatent knowledge community knows no language barriers and extends across the widest ranges of disciplines. This network brings together passion and expertise and facilitates a modern and transparent patent system.

Example BlueSearch: Needles & Haystacks
Identifying prior art has been likened to finding a needle in a haystack. We find that needle not by looking for it ourselves, but rather by identifying those experts who know where it is. Our experts know where to look and how to look. The BlueSearch network researchers scour numerous sources for global prior art and seek out the supporting documents that can challenge a patent. BlueAsset is the network for patent and technology assessment and valuation – here our experts investigate information and documents regarding the evaluation and exploitation of industrial property rights and technologies. The reward for this effort: The satisfaction of having contributed to a fair and forward-looking patent system; and, of course, of receiving the attractive performance fees that are earned by our successful researchers for their efforts.

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