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The solution for perfect alignment

Offer : Licensing Patent

Technical field :

  • Every day Commodities

Location : Berlin Germany

Country(s) of protection :

  • Germany

Remuneration : € to be negotiated


Anyone who wants to attach a larger image will be confronted with the problem that the two drilled holes, although you have measured everything correctly with a folding rule, laser or spirit level, the holes are no longer on the same level - inline - because they slip away easily. So far the problem of the deviating level was tried to be compensated with all possible "TRICKS", any kind of documents or the hammer. With more intensive use of the hammer it can happen that the small original hole becomes a slightly bigger repair. We know that this is not the optimal solution. With the inline holding elements it is possible to compensate a different level of up to 30mm without problems. Even different types of picture frames have been considered. The unique selling proposition of inline-mountings: - Inline holding elements with integrated spirit levels are used for easy straight alignment of single or large pictures. Holes that are not on the same level can be brought into line using a slider for height compensation. - This makes it easy to optimally align several holding elements to each other. - The inline holding elements are designed to hold different headboards. The headboards are exchangeable/attachable and designed for different picture frame types. - The inline holding elements have a construction-related bearing surface. A pivot point like a nail or screw is therefore impossible. A picture can only hang straight! - The inline holding elements can be readjusted vertically and/or horizontally. A perfect alignment of pictures on the wall, especially in picture galleries, is thus possible. - The inline-mounting elements are designed to hold wall spacers. Back plates that can be plugged in and out can compensate for uneven walls. - Each inline-holding element has a hole for an anti-twist protection which can optionally secure the selected position. - Due to the individual characteristics of the inline holding elements, they are real problem solvers.


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