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Hear-Thru Headphones

Offer : Licensing Patent

Technical field :

  • Every day Commodities

Location : Berlin Germany

Country(s) of protection :

  • Germany

Remuneration : € VB


An innovative breakthrough in design that offers the wearer a choice of listening environments.

An innovative and simple, uncomplicated invention with countless application possibilities.

Patented headphones that can be opened and automatically muted at the same time for undisturbed listening to ambient noise.

Provides solutions to the everyday problems of wearing conventional circumaural and over-the-ear headphones, both closed and open.

A practical and flexible alternative to swivel-earcup headphone designs.

A comfortable alternative to in-ear headphones.

A new kind of headphone experience.

Patent claims

1. headphones with headphone cups and speakers contained therein, characterized in that one of the speakers can be moved completely away from its alignment with the ear canal without moving the headphone cup and within the headphone cup and can be muted at the same time.

2. headphones in which one loudspeaker can be moved away from the ear canal without moving the headphone shell and within the headphone shell and can be muted at the same time.


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