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licensee sought 'edible shells'

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Location : Dresden Germany

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We have produced via our production company until June 2022 as a basis for the planned technology transfer according to an in-house developed and worldwide unique baking process on a pilot plant (with comparatively low production capacity!) popularly called 'edible shells', which were offered under the brand 'Füllett' to the (guest) commercial customer via an online store. The acceptance and the need of the Füllett was thus comprehensively proven on the basis of a representative customer clientele (although the product was long ahead of its time!).

However, the production facility, which had always been operated more or less only as a 'reference project' anyway, could now no longer be maintained under the pressure of rising costs, among other things, and was therefore closed.

Now the actual objective, the provision of the know-how for baking Füllett, is the focus of further activities.

To this end, the entire process technology know-how, including the patent newly granted for the machine concept, will be transferred to a renowned mechanical engineering company. This will provide this company with the basis for building a high-performance automatic Füllett baking machine for the effective series production of Füllett.

For the operation of such a baking plant (from today's point of view not possible before the end of 2024!) one or if necessary several companies with an affinity for baking are searched for, which are open to a new technology, appreciate a unique selling proposition and would like to bake the unrivalled Füllett on a defined market as licensee.

The capital requirement depends on the existing conditions - at least 2 - 2.5 million € are necessary for the complete baking plant, with missing infrastructure and distribution channels accordingly more.

In the context of the possibilities support is possible with the structure of production as well as in the selling, extensive industry knowledge; Network contacts available and usable.

Contact requested under / mobile ++49179 1230 334

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Contact requested under / mobile ++49 179 1230 334

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