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System Technology GRAV PUMP

Offer : Licensing Patent

Technical field :

  • Other

Location : Hannover Germany

Country(s) of protection :

  • USA / United States

Remuneration : € negotiable


System technology GRAV PUMP for oil production

The patented system technology GRAV PUMP replaces up to long used techniques in oil production. In contrast to conventional production systems, crude oil is separated from the salt water already in the production zone. A separation and disposal of the salt water above ground is completely unnecessary by using the system technology GRAV PUMP. 

The electrical energy supply of the system is also provided by solar and wind power generators developed by us (MPM solar modules - C. Generator for wind power plants). 

Due to the controllable production volume - the separation of the oil from the salt water in the production zone - the self supply with electrical energy - the low purchase and maintenance costs and the omission of the expensive salt water disposal, the system technology GRAV PUMP presents itself as economical and trend-setting for the oil industry.


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