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Defrost blood plasma in 8 minutes

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  • Life Science, Medical

Location : Köln Germany

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  • Germany

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 8 minutes - the new standard for thawing blood plasma (FFP)

Blood plasma is needed quickly, e.g. to compensate for massive blood loss. Blood plasma is stored frozen at -20 to -30 degrees Celsius. Blood plasma must therefore be thawed as quickly as possible. The usual thawing times of 30 minutes are far too long. Shorter thawing times are therefore urgently needed and can save lives.

And it is precisely such extremely short defrosting times that are the subject of this invention: The functional model developed impresses with defrosting times of around eight minutes - in compliance with all relevant regulations and without microwaves. The plasma remains completely intact.

The European patent has already been granted. US, Chinese and Indian patents have been applied for. Utility model protection has been granted.

The development from a functional model to a market-ready product is planned in terms of cost and time. The worldwide sales potential is gigantic (market potential calculations are available) and the contribution margins and thus the profits are extraordinarily high (prototypically forecast for 10 years).

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Additional Info : EP3995162B1_Original_document_20240430121459.pdf


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