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Invention Cleantech device - process

Offer : Selling Patent

Technical field :

  • Green Technology

Location : Rosenfeld Germany

Country(s) of protection :

  • Germany

Remuneration : € 250,000,00


My patent application of my inventions of the rotational high pressure cleaning maintenance mist solution jets knitting media machine invented by me with your basic principle chemical physical effective parameter technology units invented by me, result in the respective effective parameter media invented by me, the heatable rotation high-pressure cleaning fog-solving jets "Blosuning" 75 and also the heatable rotation high-pressure maintenance fog-solving jets "Blosuvating" 75 for the maintenance of surfaces of all kind, condition, size, structure and locality - also of plants and other organic and/or inorganic tissues on the planet earth and also outside e.g. in space travel by e.g. e.g. in space travel by e.g. cleaning and maintenance. 

The applicability potentials of my adaptable active media parameter technology units are most versatile and offer optimized holistic solution potentials around e.g. also with appropriate carrier devices the challenges regarding the saving of large quantities of water by means of environmental protection - and resource protection technologies efficiently and economically to take into account around the quality of life and requirements e.g. of all populations and/or all industries very much to improve.

They are very effective regarding also e.g. a trend-setting full control asset management and the commercializability on all global sales markets.


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