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Pneumatic clamping unit

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  • Mechanical Engineering, Lighting, Heating

Location : Rorschach Switzerland

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  • Switzerland
  • Germany

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The present invention relates to a clamping unit for clamping a component. It mainly relates to the clamping of linearly movable piston rods or piston shafts. For example, in hydraulically or pneumatically operating handling, conveying or lifting devices for moving heavy loads from one position to the next. These must be designed in such a way that the loads are held securely even if the hydraulic or pneumatic pressure drops. Such a pressure drop can occur as a result of a human or technical error, for example due to a line leak. Locking units integrated directly in the installation housing for ISO cylinders (ISO 15552). With monitoring of the switching position via inductive sensor! Clamping direction can be selected by turning the center section 180°! Absolutely secure clamping of the piston rod! Various dimensions in preparation. 1. clamping unit (1) for clamping a component (2), characterized by at least one profiled roller (9) which is guided on a guide (12), this guide (12) being inclined in at least one clamping direction (8) in such a way that a space available between the guide (12) and the component (2) for the profiled roller (9) tapers in the clamping direction (8).



Heinz Rhyner

+41 71 888 14 74

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