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Telescopic dog ramp L to XXL

Offer : Selling Patent

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  • Other

Location : Hannover Germany

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  • Germany

Remuneration : € 10.000


Known from the MDR television program EINFACH GENIAL.

This patented entry aid into the car was reported in the feature as an ingenious invention.

Our telescopic aluminum dog ramps are extremely durable and robust. Available with a green artificial grass cover. Easy to clean.

Entry aid for pets into the car, SUV or even van. For large and small dogs, stable and non-slip dog ramp, extra wide steps, up to 75 kg.

The dog ramp is available in 4 sizes:

✅ Dog ramp 2.0 meters for Golf class vehicles.


✅ Dog ramp 2.6 meters for vehicles, e.g. SUV with higher loading edge


✅ Dog ramp 3.2 meters for vehicles with roof tents or vans with higher superstructures (e.g. dog boxes on top of each other) - special production!


✅ Dog ramp 3.8 meters for vehicles with roof tents or vans with higher superstructures (e.g. dog boxes standing on top of each other) - special production!


✅ EASY TO USE: The telescopic dog ramp (2 m and 2.6 m) does not have to be carried. It is simply pulled out of the trunk and pushed back in. The distance straps (accessories) are individually adjustable and thus hold the dog ramp in the desired position (anchor).

✅ VERY SPACE-SAVING: The dog boarding aid takes up extremely little space and can be easily attached to the back of the rear seat with the spacer straps (accessories).

✅ IDEAL FOR PETS: The XL telescopic dog ramp is significantly longer than conventional dog ramps (2 meters and 2.6 meters in length) and offers dogs a VERY shallow entry angle into the vehicle. It is suitable for small and young dogs, as well as for large dogs that may also already suffer from joint problems.

✅ EXTRAWIDE SURFACE: With a very wide tread (43.5 cm), the dog ramp provides a safe step for the four-legged friends. The additional small steps give the dog extra grip when getting off and on. The artificial grass covering on the steps does not heat up in strong sunlight, so walking over it is not uncomfortable for the dog.

✅ STABLE AND ROBUST: The XXL dog ramp is extremely stable and robust. It is easy to clean and absolutely weather resistant.

✅ ALLROUND TALENT: The aluminum dog ramp can be used in many ways. As a car ramp for the dog, as a ramp for stairs, as a dog ramp for mobile homes, as a boarding aid on the boat.

✅ NON-SUCKING SURFACE: The aluminum dog ramp has an artificial turf surface, which provides dogs with a safe and non-slip step.

✅ NO PUSHING, NO CARRYING: Mistress or master don't need to carry heavy and set up the ramp for the car awkwardly first. It simply remains in the trunk and can be pulled out and lowered easily and effortlessly.




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