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Drinking bottle with innovative closure

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Leak-proof when open, Automatic pressure equalization for full drinking experience without manual operation, no need to open several times for the sip, fall and leak-proof, the easiest cleaning, extremely practical, for "with" or "without" drinking straw !

What problem does it solve?
Athletes use appropriate drinking containers for different purposes - want to consume different drinks (eg water, fruit juices, isotonics, electrolytes, shakes, powder mixed drinks) depending on the undertaking (eg bike, hiking, fitness, etc.).  With all known drinking systems available on the market, the user cannot decide expediently for "With" drinking straw or "Without". Silicone tubes used as drinking straws become contaminated very quickly and pose a major hygiene-cleaning problem.  Such drinking bottles cannot be used without a drinking tube. Drinking bladders are expensive, difficult to clean, certainly do not give the children to school or carry in the fitness. Drinking bladders have a limited beverage choice as they quickly become contaminated and are then relatively expensive to replace for continued use. Conventional sports bottles do not have a straw function, open with your teeth, create a vacuum when drinking and are not as easy for children to use.

This innovative cap or action sports drinking bottle solves all these problems. Allows the use of various drinks for sports with the best hygiene, easy cleaning and extremely wide range of applications such as cycling, hiking and fitness. An additional feature is the belt clip for attachment to the chest strap. This gimmick and the special bottle seal with tipping point makes this sports drinking bottle so extremely practical and useful. 

Why the ultimate solution:
1. convenient for "With" drinking straw or "Without" - always possible depending on the undertaking.
2.Automatic pressure equalization when drinking for a full, uninterrupted drinking experience.
3. No repeated opening and still leak-proof.

Description of the invention on the basis of a closure for industrial containers for probing sampling.    

Case 1: Overpressure is created in the container: 
For example, due to heating, the contained liquid would swell out via the sampling opening. To prevent this from happening, this closure has a special seal which is movable (axial displacement) to such an extent that the overpressure arising in the container lifts the seal along the guide opening to such an extent that it lifts the outer edge of the seal from the closure via a tipping point on the inside and releases a valve opening for pressure equalization (on both sides).

Case 2: Negative pressure in the container:
During aspiration/drinking, underpressure is created in the container and one would have to allow the supply air for extraction. The supply air flow required for aspiration is made possible via an additional, small valve opening. This ensures that the container can be emptied in one go without deformation/disturbance. Due to the reset flex of the seal, this valve opening closes automatically and thus remains leak-proof and relatively tightly sealed against outgassing. 

Known closures for containers usually solve only one of the two cases and are therefore suitable only for rigid or flexible containers. The invention solves both possible cases ("automatic" without required manual operation) and is suitable for rigid as well as flexible containers.  By modifying the manufacturing tools, the closure can also be made on manual operation (On/Off).

Patent Sale: The patent is for sale, licensing is possible.



A prototype is available: YES, finished serial product incl. manufacturing tools.

The invention is tested: YES, TÜV - Austria Certificate No.: 1073-PS15-173-Z.

Production can be started immediately.

Date of application: November 2015

Patent No.: USA: Patent No. 9834345 and European Patent EP 3020648

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