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Wear monitoring of machines (metal abrasion)

Offer : Selling Patent

Technical field :

  • Performing Operation, Transportation

Location : Lumijoki

Country(s) of protection :

  • USA / United States

Remuneration : € 40.000,-


Advantages of the invention: The invention can be used to detect particularly low concentrations of metal particles in flowing media (0.1 mg Fe/l possible). This is used, for example, in the wear monitoring of machines, where metal-containing particles get into the gear oil, for example, through abrasion. The liquid under investigation can flow continuously through the device, no need to empty the channel periodically to determine the zero level. The output signal is not proportional to the inductance of the coils, a change in inductance is a factor of low order. The coil system can be tuned to the optimum working range without removing liquid from the channel. The tuning succeeds according to the amplitude of the high frequency component in signal voltage, which depends little on the concentration of ferromagnetic substance in the channel.  

Additional Details & Gallery

Additional Info : US9030193.pdf


Terms Of Remuneration

In addition to the patent, we also offer a prototype and our know-how to implement the invention in your industry. 40.000,- EUR basis for negotiation

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