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What are the best inventions of the year?

This question can hardly be answered. There are a lot of new and brilliant or amazing inventions worldwide. There are countless industries and scientific fields. In the following list you will find the innovations awarded by experts in their field filterable by country, year, technical field and keyword. You are welcome to add award winners of innovation competitions to the list. Under "details" you will also find a video presenting the invention. Are you an award winner? We are happy to add a link to your company website!

Post Invention Award

Propel LLC Smart Integrated Shirt project

Awardee : Propel LLC / Propel LLC

Award name : IFF Innovation Awards

Year : 2020

Technical field :

  • Textiles, Paper

Location : United States of America

Sustainable 3D printing materials

Awardee : Filamentive / Filamentive

Award name : BusinessGreen Technology Awards

Year : 2019

Technical field :

  • Green Technology

Location : United Kingdom

Parking Place Assistant

Awardee : BMW Group

Award name : CES Innovation Awards, 2019

Year : 2019

Technical field :

  • Performing Operation, Transportation

Location : Germany