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Leading through information
Trusting your intuition can sometimes be a good idea, but relying on knowledge always makes sense. Whether you want independently to examine the value and the potential of your patents and technologies, or to assess barriers to entry and potential uptake in new markets, BlueAsset can provide you with reliable information to help you make your business decisions.

You define the overall task and we work with our global network of experts to supply you with relevant, carefully researched and documented information that improves your basis for decision making. BlueAsset offers unrivalled direct access to market information relevant for your particular patent and provides objective information on the current business environment.

Informed objectivity
Together we formulate the set of questions to be put to our BluePatent expert community, we determine the budget for the project and decide how many researchers will answer each of your questions. Each of our individual researchers brings their personal perspective to addressing the problems so that the answers, when taken together, deliver maximum objectivity. Each response provided to you by the BlueAsset service is supported by substantive sources and/or uploaded documents.

The last impression counts too!
When the research is completed, we prepare the results in a final BlueAsset report. We ensure that the data is accessible and easy to understand. You receive a detailed report of individual responses, all of which have been checked to ensure that they are properly supported with documents and sources. In addition, you receive an evaluation and analysis of the supplied documents.

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