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Novel and Inventive?
Our experts seek to provide information to prove that at the time of the patent application, the technology was already prior art, thus enabling the patent can be revoked. Sources for prior art include scientific publications, patents, and technical articles as well as other publications describing the patented technology that were publicly available before submission of the patent application in question.

The BluePatent crowd-sourcing strategy
Many heads are better than one and the immediate availability of the BluePatent network offers an unparalleled research tool.  Our worldwide network of registered researchers looks for documents that are relevant to your search. Whether they be an article in a Taiwanese trade magazine, a Ph.D. thesis in a remote library and only available in print, or a competitor’s product catalogue – geography, language and infrastructure boundaries are irrelevant. Using BlueSearch can give you access to information that a standard online search would never uncover.

Broad yet deep
The BluePatent search approach has proved itself far superior to traditional search methods. The growing network of researchers come from diverse disciplines – including professionals and interested amateurs – and thereby expand the research horizon many times over. The initial analysis carried out by BluePatent and the comprehensive BluePrint process  together translate the search task into an efficient form specifically designed to meet the researchers needs.   This unique combination of capabilities enables us to guarantee knowledgeable and applicable results even for comprehensive search requests.

Quality from A to Z
For BluePatent, service means accommodating both the expectations of the client and the aspirations of the researcher.  We provide a smooth and high-quality handling of your research job from assignment to the completion of the search. The subsequent analysis and interpretation of the results are, of course, part of the BluePatent service.