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BlueSearch service

Trivial patents and patents with no novelty value are an enemy of innovation -  yet they are frequently encountered within the existing patent system. Traditional patent databases often do not provide the evidence that is needed to challenge the validity of such patents.

The reason is not difficult to understand; these old fashioned databases often contain only a very small percentage of the relevant expertise associated with a patent. That is why BluePatent has launched the BlueSearch service, with an informed crowdsourcing approach providing key patent data effectively and inexpensively, significantly expanding access to non-patent-literature. BlueSearch delivers a new and effective method of research, and as it relies on the experience of a continually growing group of experts that use a wealth of information sources, BlueSearch continues to grow in efficiency and capacity. BlueSearch enables our customers to secure  the decisive advantage in research by taking advantage of the collective expertise of our global network of experts.

BlueSearch: Interdisciplinary, effective and not limited by linguistic barriers!

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