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Business Intelligence in the IP sector

Intellectual Property – a tradable value
Originally, patents were considered as only providing rights for exclusion and prohibition. Increasingly, however, they have been gaining importance as intangible assets. Trade in patents is an integral part of today's financial world. In 2010, according to Deutsche Bank, the value of patents traded worldwide was $500 billion, and trending sharply up. At the same time, royalty payments are increasing worldwide – the European Patent Office reports exponential growth in this area.

Untapped potential – the sleeping patent
Despite the sharp rise in the importance of patent trade and licensing models, at present many patents remain undervalued or even not valued at all. The EU study PatVal, which identified the value and utilization of patents in Europe, delivered the startling result that, on average, one third of patents in the EU are not used effectively for economic gain. Patent exploitation companies strive to identify and utilise this hidden potential.

A foundation made strong through diversity
Patent valuation is becoming ever more important as a tool within the patent system, after all, anyone who trades patents, makes licensing agreements or management decisions on a patent portfolio wants to work with the most accurate numbers and the best information available.

Patent issues tend to be complex:

  • Is an investment in IP rights profitable for a company?
  • What is the size of the market for the patented technology?
  • Are there interested parties, for example, as prospective buyers or licensees for a patent?
  • Is the expansion of a patent to foreign markets worthwhile?

For a comprehensive patent valuation, expertise is needed in many areas such as marketing, finance, R&D and strategic planning; in the words of the European Patent Office "it is a good idea to use an interdisciplinary team".  Of course, answers to all the questions that arise should be based on accurate, reliable information. Only in this way can patent valuation be a resource for good decision making.

The expert support of BluePatent
BluePatent is there to support your company in the task of Patent Valuation. With our help and access to the BluePatent expert community, you will gain reliable information and objective market assessment. In addition, should you be seeking licensees or sales partners, there is the potential that our network could open doors to new markets. In today's knowledge society, information is a strategic resource and a decisive competitive factor. Our patent valuation service, BlueAsset, offers a new standard for the acquisition of information.

BlueAsset – business intelligence by experts for experts.

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