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Contributing to BlueAsset

Collaboration provides the key. And diversity makes the difference!
For BlueAsset research, technical knowledge is helpful, but not a prerequisite. Market researchers who have economic expertise or are familiar with applicable standards and laws can also participate. Knowledge of the patent system is not required – topics are formulated by BluePatent in language that is clear and easy to understand.

The small print
Research projects typically consist of a specific number of questions.  As a BluePatent expert, you can only submit one answer per question, but you can submit answers to multiple questions in a project. Once the desired number of responses have been received, the question is closed. BluePatent then uses the accompanying documents to check the validity of the answers.

The BP information pool
Typical enquiries are diverse and span multiple disciplines. They range from targeted legal text about possible licensees or distributors to market research and trend reports. Answering these queries accurately and comprehensively requires knowledge from a wide range of disciplines; this process is ideally suited to the BluePatent research community. The BlueAsset service collates this independent research and so a single individual contribution could be key to a comprehensive solution. It is this combination of flexibility, the opportunity to make a real contribution and the satisfaction of applying specialist knowledge that makes the BluePatent community so attractive for researchers.

Immediate assistance that pays off
Of course, successfully completed research doesn’t just benefit the customer! Researchers receive compensation based on their performance within the overall framework set by the project type, complexity and customer requirements. Once the payment threshold has been reached, the compensation can be paid out to the successful contributor.


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