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Contributing to BlueSearch

Utilising your knowledge
Turn your knowledge into money! Anyone with enthusiasm and commitment can work in the BluePatent network – all it takes is a little patience and an understanding of technology. The commitment to BluePatent pays off: Successful researchers are rewarded with attractive compensation, from a few hundred to several thousand euros, and with the knowledge that they have made a real contribution in their chosen field.

Patent knowledge is not required!
You do not need extensive knowledge of the patent system in order to be a BluePatent researcher. BluePatent breaks down the complicated patent documents for you with a specially designed online form, the BluePrint. Using this form you can submit your search results to a detailed analysis and compare the contents of the original property rights point-by-point with your own results in order to verify their relevance.

Step-by-step to being a BluePatent researcher
If you find an interesting and relevant document, you upload it to the appropriate Research Call. You then compare your document with the contents of the Research Call using the online form. Once the period of a search call expires, we will evaluate all the submissions. After comparison with the criteria for success that were predetermined with the customer, the earned compensation is distributed to the researchers.

On your mark, get set ... go!
To become a BluePatent researcher, you only need to register with BluePatent. The registration is free of charge and without obligation. You can then start by browsing our database for interesting Research Calls. You can also tell us about specific areas of activity that interest you, so that we can automatically inform you of projects that you are keen to work on.


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