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Design Patent Filing Service

Design patent filingHave you developed a new product whose external appearance - i.e. its design - differs from that of products on the market to date? If so, then you should definitely register a design protection

A product design underlines the uniqueness of your product. And if this design is successful, then you should also ensure that the uniqueness of your product is preserved and not immediately copied and sold off.

A design protection application fulfils this purpose. A design can be registered nationally in Germany, Europe or internationally for numerous countries.

Especially in Germany, a design application is quite inexpensive and should definitely be considered. If there are different design forms and/or colours of the product, these can be summarised in one application. This is referred to as a multiple application.

However, if your product has not only a new design but also a new mechanism, you should consider a patent or utility model application in addition to the design.

We will be happy to advise you and discuss with you the options for design protection. With a design patent we help you to protect  your work.


That´s what you can expect from us:


  1. Absolute interest in your project, your products and your goals.
  2. Comprehensive and individually tailored advice for a protective IP strategy.
  3. Support also with regard to license agreements for designs.
  4. National, European and international subsequent applications for design patents.