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Frequently Asked Questions regarding BlueAsset

  • How does BlueAsset work?

    Together with BluePatent, clients phrase questions regarding a patent or a technology. The expert researchers of the BluePatent community deliver well-founded answers. A research project typically consists of several questions. Each question has a quota of accepted answers. Each submitted answer includes a reference and will be subsequently checked by BluePatent. Researchers earn rewards for approved answers. BluePatent prepares a report together with the answer portfolio for the client.

    What is BlueAsset?

    BlueAsset introduces BluePatent's expert network to patent and technology valuation. The access to high-quality, neutral, on the ground business intelligence is a crucial benefit for companies seeking to make informed decisions with far-reaching consequences.

    How is BlueAsset different from conventional patent valuation?

    BlueAsset provides access to the cumulative knowledge of a global expert community. BluePatent's researchers have backgrounds in a host of different areas of expertise, speak different languages and know the circumstances of respective local markets. In addition, BlueAsset enables clients to obtain several opinions from different neutral sources to every question - contrasting different perspectives immensly helps to objectify information which is crucial for far-reaching business decisions.

    What kind of information is researched for patent valuation?

    Typical questions relate to market volume, possible market entry barriers, potential licencees and sales partners regarding the patented invention. Patent landscaping of a technology also constitutes a typical area of interest.

  • What kind of information can I obtain with BlueAsset?

    BlueAsset gives you access to a global expert network to undergird your patent and technology valuation with well-founded information.

    You can define several questions per project as well as the amount of answers necessary to get valid and reliable information. Typical questions relate to market volume, possible market entry barriers(for example laws, norms and competitor's IPRs), potential licencees, sales partners or even workarounds regarding the patented invention or technology in question. Along their answers, researchers provide references or other proof that will be checked by our QA team for relevancy and accuracy.

    What is the cost for a BlueAsset project?

    We will gladly prepare an offer tailored to your needs, please contact us through our contact form, by e-mail (service@bluepatent.com) or by telephone (+49 (0) 3302 89 82 81 70). 

    Who takes care of the experts' rewards?

    We handle any communication with experts as well as decisions on and pay-outs of rewards. For clients there is no aministration effort regarding the operation of BluePatent's global expert network.

    Is this all about patents, or can I use BlueAsset for other problems as well?

    BlueAsset's primary target is to contribute to the econmically sound and accurate valuation of a patent, a patent portfolio (resp. cluster) or an invention. However, clients naturally can pose other kinds of questions, for example regarding the usefulness of a product or sales partners in designated areas worldwide.

  • How much money can I earn per project? When will I be paid?

    Each accepted answer earns you the amount posted next to the question. Rewards will be credited to your internal BluePatent account balance. You will be able to initiate a pay-out when the balance reaches an amount of at least 20,- €.

    There are many questions in BlueAsset projects - do I have to answer all of them?

    No. Please only answer those where you have veryfiable information. You can answer one or more questions of any BlueAsset project, but each question only once. Once the quota for a question has been reached, no further answers are possible unless we reject some pending answers.

    My answer has been rejected. Why?

    We reject answers for several reasons:

    • Your answer is not sufficiently relevant
    • You did not provide a corresponding reference to your answer, for example if we are looking for Japanese market volume for a product based on an invention, you only provided a source link to a table showing global market volume.
    • The data in your answer and in the reference provided do not match
    • The question you answered had already been answered earlier by another researcher providing the same reference

    In such a case, you can resubmit the answer as long as the quota for the question has not been reached.

    What happens when two researchers submit the same answer?

    Typically our clients are looking for diverse informtion and sources regarding their questions. When we receive the same answer to a question twice, we will reject the one that has been submitted at a later point in time. We will accept answers that are similar as long as there is valuable new insight in each new answer given.

    Please work on your answer carefully as every researcher is only allowed to enter one answer per question asked.

    When will my answer to a question be evaluated?

    We evaluate answers as promptly as possible. Please bear in mind that whenever there have been many submissions in a short period of time, the feedback to your answer may take longer than usual. Also the time difference between your and BluePatent's location can have an impact on the reaction times of our evaluation team.