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Patent- and technology valuation

When does it make sense to perform a patent and technology valuation?'
Patents are more than simply legal rights prohibiting use and preventing the dissemination of specific technologies. Patents are also increasingly important as intangible corporate assets. They are traded, they are used as bargaining chips and they form an increasingly important part of the evaluation of companies. They serve as security for borrowing and can also be relevant in a company’s tax statement. Patents thus constitute a fundamental component of corporate strategic value.

What is taken into account in a patent and technology valuation?
Which market is targeted for the technology described in the patent? What is the forecasted market volume for the technology? Are there issues that could be barriers or impediments to market entry? These are typical questions that are asked when assessing the value of a patent. The validity or contestability of the patent and information about possible workarounds for the patented technology are also incorporated into the patent valuation.

BlueAsset provides the answers
BlueAsset provides an objective and comprehensive assessment of patents and technologies. The individual contributions made through the BluePatent researcher network ensure that the research is diverse and differentiated. Our network spans the globe and, not only does it provide valuable insights gathered from knowledge of the current market situation in the corresponding country, but it also guarantees objectivity and the provision of reliable references. This comprehensive product allows an accurate assessment of your patent or technology. With the support of BlueAsset you gain the upper hand in patent management and have the information you need to make your next important decisions.

BluePatent – unparalleled research quality
BluePatent is the first company to offer patent valuation assistance through crowdsourcing. We do not see our services as competing with existing patent valuation providers, but rather as a useful supplement. We offer high quality, extensive and sophisticated research services and provide a professional and wide network of researchers with our crowd of experts that delivers fast, reliable information. With BlueAsset you gain the upper hand in patent management and have the information you need to make your next important decision. Important steps thus become transparent and financial risk is minimised.

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