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Patent Filing Service 

patent filing serviceYou have made an invention and want to file a patent? This is a good idea!

When refining the invention, it is important to talk about the invention with others as early as possible; with friends, acquaintances or preferably with people who will use the invention later.

But before you do this, you should protect yourself with a patent application or a utility model application.

This not only protects you from free riders, but also helps you later in your search for investors.

We will be happy to help you develop the right IP strategy for you.  Contact us to discuss the various IP options without obligation. 


That's what you can expect from us:


  1. Our unrestricted interest in your inventions and projects.
  2. A non-binding initial telephone consultation and discussion of the IP strategy.
  3. Short search in the run-up to a patent application.
  4. National or international subsequent applications claiming the priority of the first application.
  5. License agreements.
  6. Action against potential infringers.