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Patent quality

Intellectual Property Rights have the final word
The quality of the Intellectual Property Rights is the key to a functioning patent system. For an invention to be patented, according to patent law, it must be new and inventive. Often, however, patents are awarded for technologies that do not fulfil these criteria. Some experts even believe that, at present, half of all patents would not stand up to closer scrutiny.

Imbalances in the Patent System
For businesses, far-reaching consequences result from imbalances in the patent system. In addition to costly lawsuits and the associated reputational damage, in the worst case, rival patents can bankrupt a company. This applies even if a patent could actually be invalidated – because companies can still be sued over patents that may not stand up to legal scrutiny.

Patent offices throughout the world are currently inundated with the immense number of complex patent applications and patent claims, stretching their capacities to the limit. This growth in quantity is also associated with a significant reduction in the quality of patents filed, further damaging the integrity of the patent system.

The BluePatent approach
BluePatent helps reverse this development. With the support of the BluePatent network, our analysts bring to light documents and information that would not be found in a classical research procedure. BluePatent thus makes a real contribution to greater efficiency and transparency in the patent system, strengthening the key function of the patent system, namely the protection of innovative inventions.

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