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Patents – our services

Which services can I order of BluePatent?

  • National patent application (first filing)
You want to protect your invention? First of all we will conduct a prior art research and then file a national patent application for you. Within 12 months after the application date, you can decide whether the patent application should be followed up with subsequent applications for other countries or PCT International Application.
  • National or international (PCT) patent subsequent application, national phase entry 
You want more protection? We would be happy to conduct your patent grant procedure worldwide. Through our network of firms, we focus on the introduction of the national phase at a fixed price.
  • Patent Evaluation
What's the value of your patent? Patents are extra costs. Therefore, it is important to assess the value of a patent or a patent application at regular intervals. 
  • Patent Infringement
There is a patent infringement - what to do now? We can help you analyze the situation and respond quickly.

Why BluePatent?

  • Increase your productivity

Registering patents worldwide can be that simple! BluePatent coordinates the cooperation with law firmsaround all around the world - starting from inviting offers and invoicing.

  • Professional and reliable - worldwide
Our global network of senior law firms guarantees the high quality of our services. And we ensure a smooth workflow.
  • Transparent & easy
You can request access to our back office solutions. Follow the progress of your orders,  simply and securely exchange documents. Sit back - and see us work!

How does cooperation with BluePatent work?

1. In the contact form, you specify the particular property rightthe desired service and the relevant countriesWe will contact you with a binding quote.

2. Further advice is available on request in person or by video conference. You place the order and furnish us with a power of attorney. We take care of the entire process - from hiring firms to invoicing.

3. The progress of your orders, you can track online. You will receive only one bill - and the overall service from a single point of contact.