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Individual service package details:

At this point of time only the package "Exposé" will be handeled by us directly. For the other packages third party service providers will serve you.


Introduce your patented technology on our expert platform as one of the BlueAsset projects. You will need to provide us with a synopsis (about 500 words) in English and/or German and one to three descriptive, non-copyrighted pictures. We will publish your contact data together with the introduction of the technology so that interested parties may contact you directly.

License Search

The description of your technology will be used to start a search request with our expert researchers to identify and broker direct contacts with potential licensees. We will manage the incoming contacts for you and deliver only those that meet our quality standards. In preparation of the search request and with our support, you will decide what kind of reward will go to expert researchers for a successful licensee brokerage.
Apart from the online search request we generate additional attention for your project by including it in our regular newsletter.

License Search Plus

Boost your chances to find a licensee!

Targeted communication via social networks and bulletin/discussion boards is time-consuming but yields multiple advantages for your project: As we research matching online groups and introduce your technology there, external experts in the field of the techology will act as additional multipliers in marketing your technology. Additionally, we directly address a host of licensing professionals, considerably increasing the reach and thus the success chances of your licensing offer. The communication channels will be selected individually based on your project. LinkedIn, Google+ and Xing (an extensive German language professional network) represent only a starting point.

Expert Search

The full potential of BluePatent's expert network at your fingertips!

Three arbitrary questions accompany your (optional) search for licensees. The included social media service is adapted to get the best results for your inquiry - for example the science network site ResearchGate enables us to introduce specifc questions to selected researchers. Together with our unique quality assurance system, this allows for maximum validity and reliability of submitted information.

Expert Search Plus

Expand your project to a full scale technology study!

Additional questions provide insight for informed strategic decisions regarding the further development, use and exploitaiton of your technology. Close coordination is key to competently formulate questions the answers to which will carry a maximum of informational value for you. BlueAsset is a versatile and flexible way to get the information you need. Typical fields of inquiry include but are not limited to technology mapping, usage scenarios, product development, market potential, demand analysis, sales and distribution partnerships, global and local regulatory frameworks and business environments, IP situation, prior public use and due diligence.

When ordering five or more questions, you have the option to personally introduce your technology in a webinar hosted by BluePatent.