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Trademark Registration Service

European trademark registrationYou have developed a product or want to offer a service? Then you definitely need a brand!

A brand is perhaps the most important anchor in the relationship with your customer. A brand name is able to arouse emotions in the customer and create loyalty in the employees. 

A brand is often built up over a long period of time and often becomes more valuable every year. 

Therefore it is important that you use a brand name that is sufficiently different from existing brands (because there is a risk of confusion and warnings if there is a risk of confusion). 

If you are willing to invest work, advertising and time in your brand, you should definitely protect it! 

We will help you to register your trademark in Germany, Europe or worldwide. 


Sollen wir Ihre Marke eintragen?

Non-binding advice & identity research

If you are interested in our service, we will first advise you, without obligation, on the chances of your trademark being registered and quickly carry out a brief trademark search to check whether identical trademarks exist.



Shall we register a trademark for you?

Then we will draw up a list of goods and services for you and, if you wish, carry out a similarity search



Wir überwachen für Sie die Konkurrenz

Trademark monitoring

After registration of your trademark, we include your sign in our trademark monitoring upon request and inform you as soon as a competitor applies for the same trademark or a similar trademark. You have the possibility to take action against the younger trademark and file an opposition.